Weather Warning & Alert Service

Want to be warned when the wind goes over 50mph or if there's likely to be ice on the roads on the way to work?

Following a request on our Blog, Hebrides Weather is now offering a Weather Warning & Alert Email service.

The way it works is this:
There are thresholds set by Hebrides Weather and if any of these (listed below) are exceeded then an email is automatically sent to all those who have requested it.
It should be stressed that these warnings & alerts are for actual weather events that have already happened, they are not an advanced warning service!!

The email will look something like this:

******WEATHER WARNING !******

44kts average windspeed was exceeded !
Time of event was : 23:57:51
Date of event was : 28/10/09
Current conditions :
Windspeed 10.0 kts
Direction SSW 198
Temperature 12.9 C
Humidity 91 %
Barometer 1013.9 mb
Maximum windspeed 29.6 kts SSW at time: 03:43
Maximum speed last hr 20.9 kts SSW at time: 23:38
Rain today 1.2 mm
Monthly today 107.6 mm
Maximum temperature 13.7 C at time: 13:41
Minimum temperature 12.3 C at time: 04:37
Rain Rate/min 0.00 mm/min (0.00 mm/hr)
Rain last hr 0.0 mm

The thresholds are as follows:

* Maximum wind gust above 64 knots (Hurricane Force)
* Mean wind speeds over 44 knots (50 mph)
* More than 25mm (1 inch) of rain in the last hour
* More than 50mm (2 inches) or rain in the last 6 hours
* Temperature falls below 0C
* Temperature rises above 30C
* Windchill falls below -15C
* Barometric pressure rises above 1080 hPa
* Barometric pressure falls below 800 hPa
* Barometric pressure fall more than 10 hPa in 1 hour

There is one further type of alert, the Frost Protection Alert which is issued if the following conditions occur:

* Time of day is between 9pm & 9am (over night)
* Dew point is less than 3C
* Air temperature is 6C or less
* Temperature has dropped more than 1C in the last hour
* Wind speed has been 2 knots or less in the last hour

If you would like to receive these emails then please send your email address using the Contact form and choose "Weather Warnings" in the department to contact menu.

You are free to request that your email address be removed from the list at any time and your email address will not be passed to any third party.