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Warnings & Advisories for Highlands & Eilean Siar
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Records Set at Hebrides Weather Station for Today

Todays high wind speed of 28 mph surpassed the all time high of 13 mph set on 15/05/2016 by 15 mph
Todays low barometer of 1003.9 mb surpassed the all time low of 1018.2 mb set on 16/05/2016 by -14.3 mb
Todays high barometer of 1031.4 mb surpassed the all time high of 1023.7 mb set on 15/05/2016 by 7.7 mb
Todays daily rain of 0.6 mm surpassed the all time high of 0 mm set on 14/05/2016 by 0.6 mm
Todays low wind chill of -2.8° surpassed the monthly high of -0.2° set on 15/05/2016 by -2.6°


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Hebrides Weather Random Facts

Wind Chill
Wind chill calculations are the basis for determining the effect of wind on body heat loss. The wind chill equivalent temperature (WCT) equation is: WCT = 13.12 + 0.6215T - 11.37V0.16 + 0.3965TV0.16 Where: WCT is the wind chill temperature in °C T is the air temperature in °C V is the wind speed at 10m in km/h V = V1.5 * 1.5 where V1.5 is the wind speed at 1.5m